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Reflecting Professionalism

Your office is one of the first impressions your customer receives about your company. As they sit in your waiting room, walk through your halls, or listen to your pitch in the conference room they are taking in your office and your space and it reflects on you. Whether its a conscious recognition of theirs or not; a comfortable and professional office sways their opinion of you and your company.

Property Managers

  • Posted On August 6, 2014
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A Property Manager’s role can be difficult at the best of times. The variety of issues that can arise on a single building requires the use of several different trades, which all too often is an additional source of frustration.
From your flooring needs, to ensuring that your building is protected from the destructive affects of moisture, MBW is your one stop shop.
As we offer you a single source for almost all of your building


  • Posted On September 5, 2008
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Secures contractor’s license in Hawaii and eclipses $20 million in annual billing; completes over 1,300 jobs