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The Huntington LibraryAt MBW, we seal the deal for you. We save people in the commercial construction industry time, money, stress and help them retain customers by claim-proofing buildings to withstand the destructive effects of moisture.

A second-generation family business, based in Anaheim, CA, each year MBW waterproofs about 2.5 million square feet, caulks 1 million lineal feet and polishes, stains or coats 4 million square feet of concrete floors on 2,000 jobs from Hawaii to New Jersey.

MBW has become a leader in the industry by always keeping in mind that our pursuit goes beyond brick and mortar—to people with dreams of spectacular buildings. We have established a stellar reputation since our inception in 1981 by placing particular emphasis

Excellence is doing ordinary things extraordinarily well. -John W. Gardner  


Elite AssociatesIn 1981, Mark Beamish was simply trying to find a way to create a better life for his young family. From his home garage in Anaheim, California he started in the industry by providing caulking and elastomeric membrane systems for concrete tilt-up buildings to local subcontractors. Little did he know that from such humble beginnings would come a firm that now boasts more than 100 dedicated employees serving a variety of general and specialty contractors from around the United States. While those days in the garage are far behind, what has remained are the core values upon which the firm was founded: commitment to quality, integrity, responsibility and teamwork. A collection of experienced specialists has allowed Mark Beamish Waterproofing to build an impressive menu of services which include waterproofing, caulking, sealants, coatings and decorative concrete floor finishes. We are committed to becoming the West’s most sought-after subcontractor. A focus on safety, training, and innovation paired with the recruitment of high-achieving and highly skilled personnel has helped the firm grow as well as maintain an exemplary reputation.

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Charity Work

MS3Mark Beamish Waterproofing is committed to making our local communities better places to live in alignment with our value of Responsibility. From the very beginning, we have been an active participant in the communities we serve, allocating a large part of yearly revenues to causes and community efforts. Mark Beamish Waterproofing is proud to announce that we have decided to partner with Muscular Dystrophy Charity to help fight the devastating diseases that affect so many lives around the world. MBW choose this particular charity specifically because of a personal connection that our team shares with MDA. We are proud to stand behind a member of our team who’s loved one lost their life to Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. We, at MBW, are not just a firm, we are a family, and we wanted to demonstrate that in our support of this incredible organization that touched the lives of an MBW family. We’ve combined all of these commitments and passions to form Making A Better World, an initiavte focused on giving back to our community through outreach, fundraising, and more. Check out more about Making a Better World to follow along with our efforts.  

Our Employees

While MBW is a second-generation company, we also have employees that have spanned both generations, spending over 30 years working hard to seal the deal for you. Across our huge team of parents, veterans, students, and more, we have the training, the knowledge, and the professionalism needed in this industry. To read more about our employees and their values, click here.

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