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Here's What Our Clients Are Saying

“You guys did great! The waterproofing fixed the issue and I was pleased. The homeowner who was having the issue above the unit even sent an email saying the water intrusion stopped during the rain. ”
Matthew Para
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“From the begin everything was completed quickly. from the proposal to the work. I met the crew on site and they professional and very efficient and craftmanship was excellent. ”
“The entire team is highly responsive and an absolute pleasure to work with.”
Kristen Patterson
Westport Construction, Inc.
“Professional, knowledgeable about product and use for it proper application and high quality of work.”
Robert Besu
Inter Serve
“Price, responsive, dependable, work done right the first time.”
Wendy Daniel
Essex Realty
“Very helpful throughout the bidding process, and very responsive to questions.”
“Beamish Waterproofing is always competitive and is very responsive to our bid requests.”
Kevin Murphy
ARB Structures, Inc.
“We have been using you guys for many years and you have always been professional and dependable.”
Tabby Engstrom
Triple Star Construction
“Mark Beamish provides accurate and on-time proposals every time I request one.”
“Your team did a great job.”
Denny Scopellite
Redhawk Builders
“You have always been friendly, responsive, and on time.”
Trevor Hollabaugh
Bogart Construction Co.
“Fast response time and fantastic quality of work.”
Lina Burghard
Empire Construction
“Very helpful and prompt bidding! Always a pleasure working with MBW.”
Jamie Matusiak
Bernards Builders HQ
“Everything is going good. Don Aase makes everything easier. I have no issues with your bid process. Don't change it.”
“We've used Mark Beamish on multiple projects and we think the workers do a great job...always been very helpful and on top of things when we've needed proposals and scheduling of work.”
Jonathan Roman
SC Development
“You have an awesome team on my account and they never seem to let me down. Communication skills are hard to find anymore and your team has it all put together.”
“VCC has worked with Mark Beamish in previous projects and the staff is very responsive.”
Ulysses Lomeli
“I have worked with Rob and MBW for many years and have recommended MBW on many occasions.”
Erica Kerrin
“Detailed bidding, quick response in the field and your paperwork is spot on.”
“Clear communication and follow through. Price is competitive.”
Torri Norman
MJN Consulting
“Your company did a very good job. Thank you.”
“MBW had a quick response time for quotes, and when work needed to be executed, they were dependable, stepped up, and performed well. Our Client was pleased.”
Norman Tondares
J&M Concrete Contractors
“They always deliver. Whether being on time with their bid submission, or in performance of their work.”
Ian Esterhuizen
Caliber Contracting Company
“Your service is prompt and you respond in a very timely manner. I highly recommend your company”
Roger Lunceford
Tecnicad Inc.
“The company has always performed well for us. Knowledge of product and process is very good”


We have the experience to accommodate your waterproofing needs, providing the service and quality to create long-term partnerships.

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At the firm’s inception, Mark Beamish directed his focus on caulking tilt-up panel joints. Today, MBW caulks over 3 million lineal feet of sealant each year.

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MBW specialized coatings crews are considered experts in their field and are dedicated to mastering new products and systems as they become available.

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My commitment to our customers and partners is to be actively involved in ensuring a great experience in completing your project with MBW. Our team will be attentive, responsive and deliver on our promises. As a team, we push to continuously improve. I’ll be reaching out regularly to get your feedback and discover how we can meet your needs and exceed expectations at every stage of the process. If you have any feedback, positive or negative, I’d love to hear about it directly. Thanks for being part of the MBW family. ” —Adam Beamish

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