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Here's What Our Clients Are Saying

“Mark Beamish has been great and giving a wonderful experience and would recommend you to anyone.”
“Consistently high quality work. MBW is one of our "go to" subs - always invited to bid all our jobs. We know we can count on your professional response and performance both in the office and in the fi…”
Ann Hellikson
Lusardi Construction
“Everyone that I dealt with at MBW is kind and courteous. They care about the work they do. You're very reasonable and I don't need to babysit your workers. I enjoy working with you guys.”
Kathy Owens
JG Construction Inc.
“MBW was very responsive to the timelines set forth on the Invitation to Bid. The communication was clear and the proposal was well organized.”
“MBW, specifically Adam and Armando have been my go-to contacts ever since their stellar performance at Dodger Stadium in 2013.”
Nick Stavros
Borbon, Inc.
“Outstanding service, workmanship is upper level, and warranty items appear to be few and far apart.”
“Your response and actions solidify our commitment to you and your organization.  As a GC, our subcontractors are critical to our success. Thank you for being a great business partner.”
“Mark Beamish has been great and has given us a wonderful experience. I would recommend you to anyone.”
“You guys are efficient with both bidding and your work in the field. Very professional in all aspects of the business.”
“Always appreciate the timely proposals when requested. The administrative efforts as it relates to payroll compliance and accounting are well above average as compared to other subcontractors and the …”
Jason Hama
Novus Construction
“Great service experience all the time from Rob, Blake and all field guys.”
Ricky Reyes
Lot Management
“Professional work with great customer service”
“Always a pleasure to work with Management and field crew.”
“I have worked with Beamish in the past and they are a very high quality team from estimating through job completion”
“They have been the best Waterproofing company I have ever worked with, even through multiple different CGs.”
Adriana Urquidez
Howard Building
“Responsive in the bid process and quality of work is excellent.”
“Price is good and you guys come highly recommended. Your team is fast on getting back to emails and proposals.”
Renee Collette
Gray-I.C.E. Builders
“Quick to respond to the RFQ and quote submission”
Trish Caudillo
AXEON Water Technologies
“I was happy with your company's performance. Hope to work together again. Have a nice Christmas Holiday.”
“Excellent workmanship & responsive staff”
“Very nice company to work with. Very accommodating and right on top of things!”
“Mark Beamish Waterproofing is responsive when it comes to bid time. Even if there is not clear specification they will price with their recommendation.”
“Armando and your Team are committed to delivering excellent service.”
Ren Glanz
Trico Realty
“Excellent experience with the bidding process. Thorough review of scope and specifications. Very attentive and customer service oriented.”
Kevin Shepard
Avalon Bay
“Responsive and complete with bids and proposals. Always willing to assist. Great team to work with.”
Scott Rieth
Layton Construction


We have the experience to accommodate your waterproofing needs, providing the service and quality to create long-term partnerships.

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At the firm’s inception, Mark Beamish directed his focus on caulking tilt-up panel joints. Today, MBW caulks over 3 million lineal feet of sealant each year.

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MBW specialized coatings crews are considered experts in their field and are dedicated to mastering new products and systems as they become available.

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My commitment to our customers and partners is to be actively involved in ensuring a great experience in completing your project with MBW. Our team will be attentive, responsive and deliver on our promises. As a team, we push to continuously improve. I’ll be reaching out regularly to get your feedback and discover how we can meet your needs and exceed expectations at every stage of the process. If you have any feedback, positive or negative, I’d love to hear about it directly. Thanks for being part of the MBW family. ” —Adam Beamish

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