San Jose State University

SJSU- Campus Village Phase 2 Student Housing

This Project is for a new 10-story high rise, over partial basement, student housing facility of approximately 186,000 gsf located on the campus of San Jose State University. This facility will provide 850 new beds and will additionally house study rooms, lounges, a multipurpose room, recreation room and adjunct support facilities. Mark Beamish Waterproofing is installing Grace’s Preprufe 300R Plus & SCS systems and their Bituthene 4000 sheet waterproofing systems for the underslab and below grade waterproofing of the basement and Tremco’s Tremproof 6100 hot fluid-applied waterproofing over the concrete podium deck to receive a concrete topping slab and Tremco’s 250GC cold fluid-applied waterproofing at planters.

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