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One of our favorite things to do is to team up with another great organization to do something amazing. This past month, we completed a four and a half week restoration project on an office building in Irvine, California with Riggins Construction & Management, Inc.

Mark Beamish Waterproofing’s part in this project was to make sure that the existing cracks on the building were repaired correctly to prevent the walls from breaking down, while preserving the original building. On this concrete walled tilt up building, our team repaired 3,000 lineal feet of cracks. This included joint sealant and injection work. Using SIKA 2C, we removed and replaced all the caulking in the panel joints and injected epoxy inside the exterior cracks on the building using Sika DUR 32.

Though our involvement in this project won’t be seen on the outside once complete, it is a reminder that what happens beneath the surface is still important to the building’s overall integrity and health.

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