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landing_page_imageAt Mark Beamish Waterproofing, restoration is not just a service on a long list of check-boxes; it’s a necessity. The same way your car needs a tune up, every building, large or small, needs a professional refresh from time to time. Whether the project was set up incorrectly from the beginning or damage has hurt it over time, let us use our 30 years of experience to repair, remedy and fix the problem.

Restoration Services

We specialize in three types of essential restoration services: aesthetic upgrades, moisture intrusion, and non-structural repairs. Each has their own particular strengths and all three can be used to keep old buildings looking new or fix systemic issues. Read below for details on each service and how it might benefit you and your project.

Aesthetic Upgrades

worker_restorationOften times deck coatings, joint sealants or other concrete substrates need to be refreshed, touched up or completely removed and replaced. Let MBW enhance and improve prior installations with superior products and craftsmanship from our award-winning team.

Moisture Intrusion Repairs

If your building has waterproofing leaks due to failed assemblies, ask MBW how to create a watertight structure and upgrade your current system.

Non-Structural Repairs

Over time, concrete will crack and separate, leaving you with leaks and costly repairs.  Instead of tearing out or re-pouring, we can make the necessary repairs to improve the look of your building and provide a longer life.


Check out more photos from our restoration project at the Petersen Automotive Museum. Click any photo to enlarge.