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In 2006, Mark Beamish Waterproofing acquired Seal-Rite Coatings and Concrete Maintenance Systems (CMS), two mid-sized, well-respected companies specializing in installing concrete coatings since the early 1980’s. With these acquisitions, Mark Beamish Waterproofing has positioned itself atop the list of premier coatings contractors in the region. These specialized coating crews are considered experts in their field and are dedicated to mastering new products and systems as they become available.
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  Concrete Coating Options: Color Chips Quartz Color  

Traffic Coatings

Mark Beamish Waterproofing has been providing expert insights, analysis and application of coatings on balconies, plaza decks and parking decks since 1981. These specialized crews have amassed unmatched years of combined experience, are continually trained on new products and systems, and are proud to be considered by many the best in the business.  


JCR_2346We have several crews dedicated to the trade of polishing concrete floors, whose popularity has increased in recent years due to a polished floor’s durability, ease of maintenance, low-expense and attractive aesthetic. Our polished concrete floors can be seen as the decorative finish for many popular retail chains and grocery stores.
Paired with the completion of the interior slab joints, the firm is highly-qualified to deliver a handsome finished product on schedule.
A polished floor is achieved by multiple passes of grinding, honing and polishing with high speed planetary machines along with the application of a densifier. The initial phase of grinding is achieved by using metal bond tooling, typically 6 grit to 150 grit. The honing phase uses 80 grit to 400 grit resin bond or hybrid tools while the polishing phase will utilize 800 grit to 3000 grit resin bond tools. Depending on the concrete the densifier is usually applied during the honing or polishing phase. Depending on the desired results, any combination of the grinding, honing and polishing tooling may be used. Floors are ready for service immediately after the process. There are 4 basic levels of aggregate exposure, very little (cream), fine (salt and pepper), medium and large. It is important to note that in some instances a floor with varying amounts of exposure can only be achieved due to the flatness of the concrete. There are also 4 levels of gloss, none to very low (ground), low to medium (honed), medium to high (semi-polish) and high to highest (highly polished). Any floor can be polished, but not all floors can necessarily give the customer his or her desired expectation. Please consult with you MBW representative in order to understand how your concrete will perform.


JCR_2168Durability: Our system works to permanently strengthen concrete floors, whether old or new, and to deliver a highly abrasion-resistant, dust-proof floor with increased impact resistance and reflectivity. Maintenance: Polished floors are easy to maintain. Regular waxing is recommended; however, mopping with a mixture of water and a neutral PH cleaner will suffice in many cases. There is also the option of a protective topical treatment that is burnished into the surface after the floor is polished. This treatment adds protection against staining and adds additional luster to the floor. The application of the topical treatment limits the need for waxing to protect the finish against stains that may be a factor for certain types of floors. Aesthetics: A polished floor offers heightened shimmer which has fueled its growing popularity. The appeal is a dazzling floor with exposed aggregate, or with the optional dye, and the color will hold up unlike many stains or thin mil epoxies. We’ve installed this system in showrooms and retail sales floors, where a premium finished look is essential. Expense: This system can also be very cost-efficient. The cost will vary depending on how much grinding/aggregate exposure is desired, level of shimmer desired, and whether or not dyes will be part of the finish. Typically, a polished floor is very budget-friendly on installation costs when compared to VCT, epoxy and similar flooring systems. When considering long-term maintenance costs of various flooring systems, polished concrete is a permanent flooring system. Vapor: Polishing systems do not leave a coating on the floor surface and therefore do not inhibit vapor transmission through floors. This is especially important for floors with a high level of moisture where solvent-based coatings and adhesives used with other flooring systems often fail.
  • Increased in reflectivity
  • Up to 400% abrasion resistance
  • Increase in impact resistance
  • Exceeds OSHA and ADA recommendations for slip resistance
polisher_01 The EXPANDER 1000 is the only grinding machine in the world with 6 (not lined up) grinding heads (Klindex Patent) that allows a perfect planarity of the surface and a perfect balance of the machine during the work. It is the ideal machine to work with in commercial and industrial areas. The Terrco 6200 is the latest and greatest in polishing equipment. This machine weighs over 2,000 pounds and is optimal for spaces exceeding 20,000 sq ft!      

Concrete Restoration

concreterestorationIn the last two decades, we have completed scores of restorations to great accolades. To Mark Beamish Waterproofing, a restoration has an appeal unlike all other projects as the process of giving new life to a structure that is past its prime is a welcomed challenge. But the challenges of a restoration require a great deal of knowledge and experience.
Our team of experienced and highly-specialized problem solvers is qualified to complete even the most complicated restoration projects.


JCR_7286A sealed concrete floor is a highly sought-after finishing touch for warehouses. Our collection of experienced installers is dedicated to delivering each mechanically scrubbed and dust-proof sealed floor on schedule. Combined with the completion of the interior slab joints, Mark Beamish Waterproofing is the perfect choice for any firm looking for a handsome finished product that meets their aesthetic, budget and scheduling needs.

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