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Beamish-Brilliance-LogoAt Mark Beamish Waterproofing, how we leave a job is just as important as how we start it. With Beamish Brilliance, we ensure that the work will continue to look stunning for years to come, standing up to foot traffic and multiple washes. This product is a specifically-formulated cleaner that is low foam, excellent cleaner/maintainer and mild degreaser for use on concrete and polished concrete surfaces.

Thornton Hangar

From the first look, we knew that this would be a fun and challenging project. The goal here was to create a great shine that would stand up to heavy usage from some impressive and powerful machinery.

The task was made tougher as they needed 60,000 sq. ft finished quickly, so staggered crews and triple the standard manpower got the job done, using Beamish Brilliance product to create a long-lasting gloss.